Video Tutorial: How to disable data collection on Google

Disabling Data Collection on Google

In this day and age you can pretty much take for granted that digital companies are collecting as much data as they can on each of us. Building marketing profiles, tracking analytics, and selling the info to other companies has just become a fact of life. (Try and ignore the surveillance state aspect of it). There really is no avoiding it unless you want to go live in a cave, devoid of any modern technology.

disable google data collection

That being said I was a little surprised when I found out exactly how much data Google is collecting and storing on everyone with a Google Account. They store every search you’ve ever done, every YouTube search you’ve ever done, every video you’ve ever watched, and if your Google phone is connected, all of your location data and voice data as well.

This tutorial is targeted at those who’d like to exert some control over how much of their personal data is being collected and stored by Google. I’m willing to bet a fair amount of people have no idea how much of this data is being collected or that they have some control over it.


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