Monitors, the overlooked upgrade

PC Monitors, the overlooked upgrade

Today I want to talk about the lowly computer monitor. An often underappreciated and over looked computer upgrade that for little money (in comparison to other upgrades) can make a drastic difference in productivity and overall satisfaction with your work/personal computer experience.

triple computer monitor

Computer upgrades

Many people are under the false impression that the latest I7, tons of RAM, and a 2TB mechanical hard drive is where they should dump their money when it comes to a new system or improving an existing one. Although a powerful processor and a lot of RAM can be beneficial if you’re an architect doing advanced 3D modelling or a Wall Street Analyst crunching giant numbers to execute split second trades, the reality is that even the lowest end I3 processors and 4 to 8GB of RAM can handle almost any function a regular everyday business can throw at it. If you’re a law firm, real estate agent, landscaper, mortgage broker, restaurant owner, etc. You have no need for that kind of processing power and frankly, you’re wasting your money investing in it.

ultra wide computer monitor upgrade

Why a computer monitor upgrade is beneficial


Studies have shown that multiple monitors can increase productivity. Bigger monitors and more monitors allow users to see more information and comprehend more information. For example, a 34” ultra-wide monitor can display 2.4x more visual information than a 22” full HD monitor. Multiple monitors also allow users to stagger information better. Meaning they can have more applications on screen at one time and don’t lose productivity constantly maximizing/minimizing windows searching for information. Some monitors also allow you to pivot between landscape and portrait orientations allowing for increased flexibility and how your information is being displayed. I have found that most people who have never used more than one monitor don’t see the need, however, my experience has also been that those who have made the jump to multi-monitor setups, never go back, and are very happy with their new set ups. Businesses are always searching for inexpensive ways to gain a technological edge on their competition. I submit that multi-monitor setups for your company is one often overlooked way to accomplish that goal.

portrait landscape multi monitor setup

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