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Brief history

Dragonfly Computers was started in 2015 by Jon Goosman. Jon grew up on Cape Cod and moved to Boston after graduating from Cape Cod Community College. He spent some time in the mutual fund industry,  but returned to technology in 2008. After completing a Masters Certificate program, he achieved various Microsoft, CompTIA, and Cisco certifications. In 2009 he started working for a prominent Managed Service Provider in Boston with a client roster made up of mainly law firms, non-profits, private equity firms, and construction companies. From there he moved on to one of the largest law firms in Boston and then to and International software company where he did work internationally.
 Jon realized that the same systems companies were spending millions to implement on site, were available from specialized cloud providers at a pittance of the cost with higher reliability. He was determined to implement the same systems and organization at smaller companies that could benefit immensely from the increased productivity.
Why Dragonfly

What's behind the name?

The dragonfly is one of the most adaptable creatures nature ever conceived. They can fly in all 6 directions, hover like a helicopter and hunt with 95% efficiency. Throughout history the dragonfly has signified maturity, change, harmony, and poise.


Jon Goosman

I grew up on the Cape, then moved to Boston for 15 years. During that time I gained invaluable experience working with large companies on global networks, and traveling internationally. I brought that experience back home with me when I started Dragonfly Computers in 2015. I want to help local businesses succeed by implementing the same tools and practices the big companies use. Just a few short years ago, this wasn’t possible, but with today’s cloud solutions, any company can get up to speed with the most cutting edge technology available at an affordable price. Below is a little more about my life and Cape Cod roots.

Outside of work, my wife, my greyhound, grilling, working on my truck and living that Cape Cod life are what really matter.

Thor Bones Greyhound
computer and iPhone with code on screen
this is

our life.

My dog Thor was a big part of starting this business. He was my first pet that I chose and adopted. He saw me through the end of my corporate career, my move back to my home town, getting married and starting my own business. Much of the reason I started the business was due to his health needs. He required around the clock care and very frequent trips to the vet. Ashley and I married in November 2017 and we lost Thor a few months later. One of his greatest gifts to me was Dragonfly Computers. Without him, I likely never would’ve started the business. We only had 4 years together, but they were 4 of the most significant years of my life. Thank you for reading.

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