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The Importance of Email

Email messaging, the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with customers and staff is at the core of almost every business in today’s world. You can’t afford to be left behind using featureless, ad-laden free email services such as Gmail or AOL. Having a company email address sends potential customers the right message. Surveys show that having your company’s domain email greatly increases brand equity among your potential customers. Not having one, can be detrimental to a first impression.

What is Enterprise Grade Email?

Enterprise is a word used to describe large businesses with robust technology budgets. Often, they have the best of everything. For them it’s the only way to compete in their respective industries. Over time, many of those services became hosted “in the cloud,” and are now available to any business at modest prices. Enterprise grade Hosted Exchange business email paired with Microsoft Office 365, gives your company tools and functionality once only found in large businesses.

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Here are just some of the features:

Advanced email security – Spam emails are more than a time consuming nuisance, they can also contain virus and spyware infections. With Hosted Exchange provided by Dragonfly Computers, spam becomes a thing of the past.

Calendar Integration – Create an appointment on your computer, have it show up on your tablet and phone instantly. Send appointments to colleagues and clients, with a click of a button, have the appointment instantly show up on everyone’s calendar.

Support as you grow – With free email accounts, you can’t easily create a new mailbox each time you hire an employee. You also can’t control their access or what they do with those accounts. With Hosted Exchange, creating a new mailbox can be done in minutes, and if an employee leaves, you have access to their mailbox and email records.

Email Journaling – Some industries require all email correspondence to be copied to a third party and held in escrow for legal reasons, our solution integrates this functionality.

Remote Device Wiping – Hosted Exchange gives you the ability to wipe the account off of a stolen or otherwise compromised mobile device.

24/7 US based support with 99.999% up-time guarantee – When your free email account has a problem, who do you call? Is there even a phone number for support? What is your guarantee for up-time or data retention? How about a security policy? Most likely there isn’t one. With Hosted Exchange provided by Dragonfly Computers, you are guaranteed 99.999% up-time each year, with phone support available around the clock.

Email Encryption – work in an industry that requires sending or receiving sensitive personal information? State law requires that you have the ability to transmit that information securely. Hosted Exchange with Dragonfly Computers allows you to add services like email encryption quickly, easily, and affordably.

Voice over IP Integration – Hosted Exchange email combined with Hosted PBX through Dragonfly Computers allows you to access all your email contacts through your phone system. Increasing productivity and allowing you to easily dial customers or colleagues right from your computer.

These are just some of the advantages to Hosted Email. Contact us today for pricing. We can give you an exact quote based on your needs. Setup and migration can be scheduled and completed in very short time frames.

Click here for a PDF overview of Hosted Exchange with Dragonfly Computers.

Still running an on-premises email server?

No problem, we can quickly and easily migrate your email from your internal mail server, to the cloud, during off-business hours and have your team ready to go on Monday morning. Forget about the hassle of licensing, expensive hardware, constant maintenance, security, and ensuring your nightly server backups. Let Dragonfly Computers provide your company with a cutting edge email system, while saving you time, money and headaches.

Email Migrations

Did someone say email migrations? Yes, we do that to. It is one of our specialties. If you have been running your business from a free email host (Comcast, Hotmail, Gmail, etc). and feel it is time to give your company a professional email address, we can migrate all of your emails from the existing service to your new Hosted Exchange account.

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