Enterprise Technology Solutions at a Small Business Price


A new revolution in office connectivity. This is our latest offering. This is a next generation solution that allows cell phones and laptops to integrate into your offices’ main phone system. For example, an employee outside of the office can make and transfer calls from their cell phone as if they were sitting at their desk. This is only one feature! Web conferencing, file sharing, voicemail to email with transcription are all part of this solution!

unified communications diagram
Black polycom VoIP phone with headset

Hosted PBX VoIP Phone Systems

Give your office the same full featured phone system found in Fortune 100 companies. Auto-Attendant, Voicemail to Email, Follow me calling, Day/Night menus, Easily expand the system as your company grows. You can keep your existing phone number and never have to worry about confusing and expensive on-site VoIP phone systems. Easy to manage through a web interface.

Hosted Exchange Business Email

Give your business additional credibility by moving away from free email hosts such as gmail or hotmail and create brand recognition with a professional email address featuring your company’s domain. Hosted Exchange is the same email system used in virtually all major companies throughout America. It features industry leading spam filtering technology, contacts and calendar synchronization across all your devices, and advanced features such as email encryption and remote device wiping.

Cloud email concept with icons
Cloud computing concept

File Sharing and File Backup Solutions

Not that long ago, these were two different technology solutions. With Sharesync through Dragonfly Computers, you can keep all your company data backed up in real time, while having access to all your data on any device, with the ability to easy collaborate on projects with outside users. Imagine the functionality of Dropbox and Carbonite combined, in one product, far more business focused. This solution is HIPAA and SAS70 compliant.

Networking and Information Security

Often neglected, the networking gear is the backbone of any IT infrastructure. It’s entirely responsible for how fast data travels between devices inside your office and how well your office performs when accessing the Internet. This is also the layer where security can be great improved. We install top of the line Firewall Security Appliances, Network Switches and Routers, and Wi-Fi Access Points. We will ensure that your entire office can get a strong wireless signal, that your voice network gets priority over your data network, and that you are taking advantage of your full Internet bandwidth. We can also harden your infrastructure to deter cyber attacks.

fiber optic network connections