Unified Communications as a Service

Next generation VOIP systems

What is Unified Communications (UCaaS)?

Unified Communications is our latest offering in 2019. It represents the next generation of Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. It integrates mobile apps, allowing all employee cell phones to fully connect with the office phone system. It encompasses chat functionality, file sharing, and modern color screen phones for the office. It allows anyone, anywhere to stay fully connected as if they were still sitting at their desk. New features are being added all the time, this is truly revolutionary tech and is the biggest change to hit the business communications world since the smart phone.

man dialing modern polycom voip phone

How does it help your business?

Let’s say you have employees out in the field, they need to keep in contact with customers, but don’t want to give out their personal cell phone numbers. This solution allows employees to make and receive company phone calls on their cell phones as if they were sitting in the office.

As many phone lines as you need

With traditional phone systems, paying for multiple lines can be very expensive. Unified communications eliminates this. You have as many phone lines as your phone itself can handle. The number of phone numbers/lines doesn’t matter. This can allow a receptionist to have 4 people on hold, while others in the company can still call out, all with one phone number you give out to your customers.

Built in Chat and Webinar Functionality

Unified communications as a service (UcaaS) provides so much more than a traditional phone system or even a typical Voice over IP phone system. It has a built in chat feature that works just like texts messaging on your smart phone, however all the messages are self contained within the system. Additionally, you may have noticed the rise of webinar software such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. This solution also provides Webinar functionality, allowing you to host your own webinars or use them for company meetings.

Business Continuity

With other phone systems, if the power goes out, or the Internet goes out, your system is down. The beauty of this system is that the mobile app integration allows cell phones to work as part of the system. Not only does it not matter if the office is down, you don’t even have to be there and you can still field phone calls as if you were. Keep your business running seamlessly regardless of outside conditions. This is great for 24/7 businesses or companies that can’t risk downtime in the event of a bad storm or hurricane.

unified communications as a service concept man with iphone

Unified Communications as a Service is here!

UCaaS has over 90 Enterprise Features, here are just a few:

This solution is extremely affordable, it doesn’t matter if you have an office of 1 or 100, contact us below and find out how quickly your office can start taking advantage of these revolutionary features!

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