Anti-Virus alone is not enough

If you think your anti-virus software is keeping you safe, think again

I’ve been harping on this point a lot lately, but I see it so often in the business world. Small businesses buy an antivirus program and think they’re protected from anything only to call up with a machine full of spyware (which their anti-virus program couldn’t detect). Sometimes you get lucky and it’s a simple fix. Other times you have to back up the data, wipe the machine, and rebuild from scratch which is costly and time consuming.

Virus infections are very rare these days. Unless you regularly open suspicious attachments in your email, you’re unlikely to get a virus anymore. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but in my experience, I run into it very infrequently. Unless you’re in a large enterprise, I think that paying for anti-virus is a waste of money (in some cases anti-virus programs can make you more vulnerable to attack). There are plenty of free tools that will keep your machine safe from virus infections. With a little configuration, you won’t even know they’re there. Spyware/Malware are much more common and a much bigger threat to your home or business. Anti-spyware/exploit programs are worth the money and can almost eliminate any potential downtime/data loss if configured properly.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about these tools or have infected machines you’d like to have fixed.


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