Thor Bones

Thor (racing name Thor Bones) is a very special dog. His grandfather (Molotov) is in the greyhound hall of fame. He raced 130 times and had 30 wins with another 47 2nd/3rd place finishes. He was our first rescue. He is a very large for a greyhound and when I first saw him come out of his crate, I thought, “no way am I taking that one, he’s too big!” Of all the greyhounds I had looked at and walked, he was the only one who was interested in me, he was so friendly and was constantly trying to give kisses. All the other dogs I walked were learning about the world and didn’t much care that I was there. I had done so much preparation, but one thing I hadn’t accounted for was how much he would cry the first night. He cried ALLLLLL night. I didn’t get a minute of sleep. The next morning I heavily considered returning him. I’m so glad Ashley talked sense into me to give him a chance. Now I couldn’t imagine life without him. I remember the rescue agency telling me no one wanted him because no one wants the big black male dogs, he’d been there for 6 months while other dogs were gone in a week. If you ever consider a greyhound, remember that the sweetest dog, may not be the prettiest.

One of the most rewarding things as a greyhound owner is to watch them discover the world. Since they weren’t raised as pets, they didn’t learn affection, or playing with toys, or having their own possessions. It takes months before they start to get comfortable with their new way of life. It took a long time for him to get used to being pet. For months if I tried to cuddle him, he’d run away, it took weeks for him to begin playing (some never do) and seeing him learn about his new world has been so nice to watch. He loves to smell flowers when we’re out walking, loves to shake his toys around, and most of all loves to be wherever we are.

Poor Thor has faced many difficulties in his short life off the track. He went through a bout of Lyme Disease (which was tough to diagnose) as well as having 6 teeth pulled due to their poor condition. He also suffers severe separation anxiety, to the point where he self mutilates when alone. He gets car sick, so we can’t take him very far. He doesn’t care about thunder, but fireworks scare him quite badly, so fourth of July week was very tough on him.

Thor is my best friend, he is so sweet and energetic. All he ever wants is to do is spend time with you and to be pet. (He also likes to play twice a day). We’ve been through so much together. Part of the reason for starting my own business and moving back to the Cape was to give him a better life and be able to have the flexibility to care for his condition. That’s why I’m putting his story on this page.

Thor was adopted from Diane at Greyhound Rescue of NE in Mendon, MA. She does loving work and often runs at a loss. She can always use donations or someone willing to open their heart and home to one of these deserving dogs.