Della the Greyhound

Della (racing name SS Delphine) aka Little Del, was named after a famous ship. It was originally built by one of the Dodge Brothers in 1921, sank in 1926, was recovered and restored only to be acquired by the US Navy in WWII. After it served as the USS Dauntless, it was sold back to Anna Dodge. It’s continued to change hands and still exists today as a 60 million dollar gambling ship in Monaco. Della had 67 races with 6 wins and 11 2nd/3rd place finishes.

We adopted Little Del to help Thor with his separation anxiety. She is a beautiful white/fawn mix. Having the comfort of another dog has definitely helped him, but he still has problems sometimes. Della is a sweet dog, with a very high prey drive. She is not safe around small animals and as we’ve found, also has a bad case of dog aggression. (She’s very friendly with people)! Her and Thor aren’t the best of friends, but over time they’ve grown closer. If one them ever disappears, the other cries and panics until their friend returns. From the looks of it, she’s had a tough  life. She has some large scars, aggression problems, and had a case of hook worm when we got her. We’ve given her lots of love and care. She’s slowly become more affectionate and closer to Thor. She’s still a work in progress but we’re trying hard. She loves to hit the trails looking for adventure!

One of Del’s little quirks is that she is so instinctual, sometimes she just cannot help herself. Thor quickly learned his feeding times and knows he never gets human food. But Della, just can’t help it. Whenever I am in the kitchen and I take some meat out of the package, it never fails, within seconds, I just see her little nose on autopilot, dragging her into the kitchen looking for some delicious meats. Her nose is never wrong, 100% she comes looking. One of the fun things about Greyhounds is the unintentional comedy.

We adopted Della from Kathy at Greyhound Pets of America MA. She has opened her heart and her home to these needy animals and can always use a donation or someone looking to rescue a loving greyhound.

Update (1/30/16) – Della’s one year anniversary is tomorrow. She’s doing much better. We’ve learned to play together, she loves games that engage her hunting instincts. This usually involves me hiding squeak toys under a blanket or in a box, where she has to dig them out. She also loves to hear a squeak from another room in the house, she’ll always come running and snatch her little prize! She still has a very tough time around other dogs, that’s really her only issue at this point. She’s learned to enjoy and request affection by gently pawing and turning upside down. It’s been great watching her go through this transformation, greyhounds are a special breed.