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Computer repair and upgrades

We can repair desktop and laptops of all makes and models. We can upgrade an older machine with more memory and a solid state hard drive to get it running better than new. If you need a custom build for more robust functions or gaming, we’ve got you covered there too! Contact Dragonfly for computer support cape cod.

Rid your computer of Spyware and Virus problems

Virus, Spyware, Malware, Pop-ups, programs you can’t get rid of. It’s the scourge of the modern computer age. If you’ve been struggling with these issues, contact us to get you running like new again. We have extensive experience removing the most difficult computer infections. Sometimes, machines are so badly infected that reinstalling the operating system is the only solution. In those cases we will contact you to talk about the options.

Migrate data to a new computer; Backup your Data!

Been wanting to move to a new machine but not sure how to get all of your important files over to it? Give us a call, we will get your new computer optimized with all your data in the same places you’re used to seeing it. We can also provide you with solutions to ensure your data is backed up so you won’t lose it in the event of a failure or theft. Backups are so important, imagine what a disruption it would be if you lost all your family photos or important personal files. Don’t let this happen to you! Solutions are easy and affordable, call today!

Wi-Fi setups and Network Security

Struggling with your wireless? Need to upgrade? Wi-Fi routers have come a long way and there are some excellent solutions on the market now. Don’t continue being frustrated by constant wireless problems. Additionally, we can assist with cyber security by explaining best practices, how attackers compromise you, decreasing your “attack surface,” and recommending/installing the best software packages to protect your computers and network. One visit can drastically reduce the likely hood of a virus/spyware infection or network intrusion. In today’s connected world, cyber security is more important than ever, consult an expert! Dragonfly Computers for computer support cape cod.


Feeling left behind in the computer age? Wanting to get more out of your computer or connected device, but not sure who to ask? Maybe you’d like to move to a smart phone, but don’t know where to start. Tutoring is available at a reduced rate. We’ll take the time to walk you through whatever you need help with and give you the confidence to start learning more. Tutoring is by appointment only and subject must be agreed on in advance.

If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, please contact us to see if we can help.