Vaughan Art Site Launch

This was a major project and major test for us. I met Greg Vaughan about a year ago at this time. I was struggling with logo design concepts for my company when I stumbled across Greg’s story. I reached out to him asking if he’d take my project on and initially he was hesitant. Logo’s can take a long time, he was slammed with work and I really needed it done. After speaking a few times, he agreed to take the project and we began working on the dragonfly concept you see today. I’d said I wanted something eye-catching, “with attitude,” but not something that would make me look like a tattoo shop. He used one of the artists in his network for assistance with Dragonfly and created the 3d beveled lettering I’d requested. The result is the combination you see below, a bio-mechanical Dragonfly Concept with a bold custom font for the lettering. I get comments on it all the time and very often see people do a double take when they see the truck.

Computer Support Cape Cod

Since then we’ve done several projects together. Greg lettered my truck (actually making a plain white Ford Ranger look “cool”), did a sign for out front and even created me a custom mailbox. I’ve done a computer and network upgrade for him at the shop. We’d kept talking about collaborating on a website, but the time didn’t seem right. Eventually, he was ready for a new direction and my schedule freed up. It was time for the new Vaughan Arts!

vaughan art cape cod

We were lucky enough to have Joe Navas from Organic Photography appear just in time for this project. The professional pictures on the website are his work. The biggest challenge with this project was finding a way to capture the look and attitude of Vaughan Art, while also displaying Greg’s huge 30 year portfolio of work. Putting the whole package together in a modern, mobile freindly design that would be both pleasing to the eye for visitors, while also giving Greg the artistic edge he’d been looking for was no small feat. We learned a lot from this build; Less is more, the music you listen to drastically impacts your design, don’t be afraid to scrap everything (100 times in a row), and most importantly, it’s done when it’s done.

What is Vaughan Art about?

Vaughan Art is a custom sign shop located in Brewster, MA. It is owned and operated by Greg Vaughan who is in his 30th year in business. Greg has an interesting past as a professional hockey player and artist painting movie sets. He also did all the gold leaf in the Copley Plaza and the Guitar Bar at the old Hard Rock cafe.

Copley Plaza Boston Vaughan Art

His shop creates custom signs for homes and business (hand painted, gold leaf, or vinyl adhesive), does custom truck lettering (ever see a Nauset Disposal Truck? That’s Greg), custom logo design (see above), and he is also one of the only guys on Cape who can airbrush a dragster or motorcycle. One of my favorite things that Greg does are his Killer Krabs. He custom paints horseshoe crab shells, giving them the look that I think nature really wanted them to have.

Vaughan Art Killer Krabs Cape Cod

I hope you’ll head down to Brewster and check out his work. If you’re in the market for any of the services above, Vaughan Art is the place to go.

As always, if you’d like a site like this for your business, Contact us here.