Dragonfly Computers celebrates one year in business

Well, one year ago today I “officially” launched Dragonfly Computers. Although I had been doing work previous to that, July 27th 2015 was my official launch date. No one can really prepare you for the challenges you face leaving the corporate world, starting your first business, and trying to make it all work. When I first started out, I used to joke that I was a marketing guy that did a little IT work on the side. That began to change after a few months when business picked up and things started to get more hectic.

There is an old cliche about the business owner “wearing many hats.” It’s a tired statement, but very true. Nothing can prepare you to be the accountant, the sales guy, the marketing guy, customer service, vendor management, custodian, and IT Consultant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, leaving the corporate world was the best thing I could’ve done for myself. Having my own shop, where I can do things the right way without the bureaucracy, red tape, and politics has been incredibly liberating. But as you soon learn, you still have a boss and he still makes you work all the time.

Dragonfly Computers has been striving hard to bring modern cloud solutions, web design, and IT Infrastructure to the land that technology forgot (namely Cape Cod). We’ve managed great success in the first year and are firing on all cylinders coming out of this summer and heading in to 2017. I just wanted to take the occasion to thank all the family, friends, and great clients that have helped get this company off the ground and charging hard into the future. Your support has meant so much and is truly appreciated. Thank you. – Jon